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"Dear Daily-Update,

Thanks for your excellent book on studying in Canada. I found it of great value as I applied for my course; prepared to leave my country; and ultimately settled in Canada. You dealt with everything I needed to know, yet the book was not long-winded. All in all, the book was incredibly useful and I've so far recommended it to a couple of relatives who were following in my footsteps.

Keep it up!"

Stephen Budisa

MBA Student, Toronto


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One of the few English courses that actually GUARANTEES fast improvement (or your money back).
Online English College has quality courses, with feedback, corrections and advice, plus you can ask English questions anytime. 
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All you need to teach or learn English

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If you're teaching or learning English, we have the right e-book for you! Just click any of the links below...

Writing & Grammar

Step-by-step writing techniques and "painless grammar" in the context of a story. Expect great results...

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Reading & Listening

Improve multiple specific skills: from grammar & vocabulary; through reading, writing & listening; to higher conceptual skills...

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Spelling & Vocabulary

Spelling lists and spelling rules aren't enough! Students learn HOW to learn spelling, with a huge variety of spelling methods and word building exercises...

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Young Fiction

Our charming little picture e-books are highly educational, yet lively and amusing. With colourful illustrations and fascinating situations, the young reader will be in another world...

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History Mysteries

The Wang family has come to live on a small Australian island. They soon find their huge old house is full of secrets - secrets that criminals want to steal. 
With the help of new friends, the  brother and sister will travel through space and time to solve history mysteries...

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Business English

Business English, understanding business management in Asia and pre-MBA English books.
You can build up your understanding of English and learn a little more about business and management...

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             Study Overseas
Planning to study in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the U.K?
Our guides will tell you everything you need to know. You'll arrive more in control and ready to start learning...

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Our Top Sellers

Check out our latest top sellers, including our phonics series and the engaging "Tall Wall Tales"...

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